Reading materials | Weekly Q&A | Lecture notes

Key concepts

Before class

Required readings

  1. Wickham, H. (2014). Tidy Data. The Journal of Statistical Software, 59(10).
  2. Gentzkow, M., & Shapiro, J. M. (2014). Code and Data for the Social Sciences: A Practitioner’s Guide.
  3. Wilson, G., Bryan, J., Cranston, K., Kitzes, J., Nederbragt, L., & Teal, T. K. (2017). Good Enough Practices in Scientific Computing. PLOS Computational Biology, 13(6), e1005510.

In class

  • Lecture on key concepts and frameworks.
  • In class practice:
    • Paper practice
    • In-class practice
  • Review progress of assignments:
    • Learning plan.
    • Group qualitative project.

After class

  • Learning plan proposal (draft; n.g.) due next week.